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Vengeful Ghoul is a metal band from Istanbul, Turkey. The style is power/thrash with traditional metal elements.
It all began in the year 2005. Senem Ündemir and Emre Kasapoğlu decided to form a band for playing some heavy-thrash stuff. One year later, they released a demo album, called “Premier Fury”.

Some good reviews and concert requests had started to come subsequently. After several stage experiences, VG decided to record its debut album. However, the best and economical way to record a killer album efficiently in serenity was by having their own studio. That’s why, VG members started to buy and build types of equipment and finally, they established their own recording studio, called “Ruthless Crow Studios”. During the year 2012, nine songs of the debut album have been recorded and mixed exactly as it should be. But, for a perfect disclosure, it needed to fly to the northern lands, to the Mastering-Guru Jens Bogren (Hammerfall, Paradise Lost, Symphony X, Kreator, Amon Amarth,..etc).

Vengeful Ghoul released its debut album “Timeless Warfare” in February 2014 as an independent release and it is so much admired by the heavy metal authorities. These high scores gave rise to pretty good live show offers and VG went on tours in 2014 with great bands like Tim “Ripper” Owens.

Nowadays, Vengeful Ghoul is recording its second album which it’s titled “I N F E S T A T I O N”.